Peter’s wife drilled down by a long dick

Peter’s wife drilled down by a long dick

Peter’s wife got fucked again, by some other dick whose qualification was having a long dick, that’s all.

This isn’t the first time Peter is getting cuckold by his wife, it’s normalcy nowadays and he’s okay with it because his wife does everything else that a wife ought to do in the household and he’s okay with it.

The only problem that Peter has is one; he has a small dick, by small, understand it’s small and they had an agreement with his wife that she can satisfy herself the way she knows how but in the meantime just stay with him because he would die if she left him.

She took care of herself alright and found some random dude to fuck!

It’s crazy but Peter wasn’t hurt at all, he actually played the voyeur part quite nicely and enjoyed watching his wife getting drilled down without mercy the long dick style way.

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