Petite brownskin slay queen fucked by sponsor after chopping his money

A petite yellow-yellow slay queen got fucked by her sponsor after chopping his money and avoiding him for days.

This time around though, he made sure that he fucked her before giving her any money because he wasn’t sure that she won’t dip this time as well.

The petite slay queen loved every inch she got from the pot-bellied sponsor who decided to record himself fucking her to flaunt to his fellow sponsors that he got game too.

He was fucking her doggy style so you know she was really feeling every inch of that dick, that’s why she was moaning so sweetly as she was opening up her ass even further.

The dude holding the camera wasn’t making any sound either, you was savoring every moment of that ass that he was fucking.

He wore a strap so it’s all good.

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Author: Afrofuck