Riah Jade celebrates removing her uterus: Unlimited Creampies

Riah Jade has social media talking about but mostly out of concern.

Riah Jade shared a tweet on the 17th of July where she posted a cute photo of herself exposing her beautiful pussy.

The tweet read, “No more uterus = UNLIMITED CREAMPIES 🥧💦”

Netizens made this tweet to go viral so much so that she had to address it once again just to explain to her fans that she’s okay and that she’s already a mother and she had them surgically removed because of health reasons.


She said she’s actually happy that she had them removed altogether even though her creampie statement got misconstrued, she’s actually happy.

“Y’all, stop saying sorry lol I got a total hysterectomy bc all of my reproductive organs were riddled with disease. I have 2 offspring so I am not sad about it. 💀”

She intimated that her operation happened almost an year ago so she’s all good.

“Also my surgery was almost a year ago lol but thanks everyone,” her rejoinder  tweet read.

Author: Afrofuck
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