Rose Nduta gets dicked down in the kitchen

Rose Nduta is at it again!

A few days ago, she fucked a random dude by the roadside right before she fucked herself with a dildo attached to a car, she must have been really horny that day.

Here’s a video of the proud porn star from and in Kenya that loves all the publicity that comes with her being an adult entertainer.

This time around, she gets fucked by a slender guy donning spectacles who knows how to fuck who is willing to scale the kitchen just to get a taste of Rose Nduta’s pussy after she positioned herself on top of the sink arching out her juicy ass in the doggy style position.

The man didn’t need any more convincing, he scaled that sink as if his life depended on it.

Who would’ve thought a sink could be used like this?

Author: Afrofuck