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Sarah Banks got fucked by her husband and squirted all over him.

The talented porn star who took a sabbatical from the porn industry to give birth and go back to school shared a short clip of herself riding her husband’s dick making us miss her even more ever since she took a break from porn.

“Been MIA.. I got married, went back to school & am making a tiny human.. let me build a foundation for myself outside of this industry. I’m only 23. Thank you for your concern – I’ll be back soon,” she tweeted on February 27, 2021.

Well, it’s been months since she posted the post above and she’s back at it.

She has been releasing fresh and new content with her husband on the regular and she gave a glimpse of one of those content she shared online. You can subscribe to her OnlyFans account: @thesarahbnkx

In the meantime, watch Sarah Banks who is a pornstar, College Student and housewife and a mother perfectly rides her husband’s dick until she squirts and continues to ride it some more.

Watch it below:


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