See the founder of the long dick style in action

See the founder of the long dick style in action

When you see something extra-ordinary, you gots to give it its due, if you see a man has a big dick than you, you got to show appreciation, don’t hate.

The founder and a forever-member of the long dick association showed how a pussy is supposed to be dicked down.

First, you got to have a big if not a huge dick.

Second, you got to try and fit your huge thick dick until she says “papi stop,” not “daddy stop,” but “papi stop”

And lastly, don’t tap out, even if the pussy is the sweetest, the wettest you’ve ever encountered, don’t fucking tap out, you got a reputation to uphold out here, you can’t let these little dicks folks have one on you now, can you.

It would be a shame if you lose your girl to a thin, little dick man when you’re a lifelong member of the long dick association and an ardent believer of the long dick style.

Now, this is how is done, let the master himself with a long, thick slightly crooked dick show you how it’s supposed to be done.

You gots to put some respect on the long dick style founder, check him out in action.