She doesn’t deserve to get cheated on if she can ride you like this

There are some women who you just know you can’t live without them, these women can make you as mad as she can but you will never ever think about leaving them because then you’d know what you’d be missing out on.

These are to some extent women who know how to ride that dick well, good enough that you can’t fathom seeing her with somebody else.

Petite women are the baddest, once they show you what that little waist can do, that’s it, you’re hooked to her like a clingy dress to a fat ass. You can’t cheat on her because she makes sure that your balls are always empty and your belly full.

Whenever she lets you go to the world, she’s certain that she won’t have any competition from anybody out there because she done did her part very well and diligently, now these are the women that don’t get cheated on, they themselves are the ones who do the cheating, that’s if they want to.

Just look at this Petite Nancy doing the most reiterating what you’ve just read above, ain’t that some sweet shit right there?

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Author: Afrofuck