Shugatiti blocks King Nasir on Twitter

This past week has been up and down with netizens wanting to know if they’ll get to see what was highly anticipated on social media by one of the sought after independent porn content creators King Nasir vs Shugatiti live in Ghana.

King Nasir, the viral pornstar flew all the way from the United States to Ghana to film a video with Shugatiti after she called him out on a Twitter.

She said that she hasn’t found any man who has ever made her cum, not to mention squirt and dared King Nasir to do the job if he’s brave enough to handle her.

Fast forward, there has been some back and forth between the two persons of interests about their fucking and making sure that every netizen in Ghana and worldwide are tuned in when they fuck in front of the camera.

Shugatiti being unreasonable decided to ask for $2 million dollars for her to get fucked right in front of a camera by one of the talented porn stars there is in today’s industry.

Right now, it seems that the highly anticipated naked match up between King Nasir and Shugatiti won’t happen again because she’s blocked him on Twittter.

Author: Afrofuck
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