Skomota viral sex tape excites netizens

Skomota viral sex tape excites netizens

Skomota – – call him Mr. All Over if that tickles your fancy– has been making headlines ever since he got the chance to taste what the rich people in society have been enjoying all this while after he won a bet.

Skomota reportedly won R6 million from a sports betting company and since then he’s been living la vida loca lifestyle from the jump.

Every opportunity he gets to have memorable time, he jumps on the opportunity to do just that and party hard and splurge on himself with drinks galore. That’s why women flock around him every other time he goes out.

He has become a regular attraction to revelers so much so that he gets paid to appear in clubs nowadays.

I digress!

Skomota is now the talk of two after he was spotted enjoying the company of a beautiful endowed woman, a naked woman whom he smashed.

The video has since gone viral and Mzansi can’t seem to get enough of this man.

Ai wena! This mans is quickly becoming the male Zodwa Wabantu, everybody wants a piece of him, even those who doesn’t deserve him.

Here’s the video of Skomota, alias the Mr. ALL AROUND


Get the above clip right here: Skomota viral clip (472 downloads )

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