Tawa leaves her boyfriend Bolaji for being broke

Tawa leaves her boyfriend Bolaji for being broke

Tawa is so sick and tired of her boyfriend Bolaji for being broke that she decided to end the relationship altogether because she cannot afford to be in a relationship with a brokeass man.

Tawa has social media talking about her after screenshot of her conversation with her ex-boyfriend Bolaji on WhatsApp hit social media setting the platform on blaze.

Tawa castigated her ex-boyfriend Bolaji before she told him that she cannot afford to be him because he is addicted to betting and he cannot take care of her leave alone taking care of himself.

The girlfriend Tawa also told him how he can be a sex freak who loves to fuck her raw without mercy and be broke as a beggar.

She told him she can no longer be a part of this relationship because she cannot date a person who cannot take of himself with money noting that she knows money isn’t important in a relationship but at least it’s necessary to keep the wheels of the relationship going round and round.

Tawa was even shocked learning that Boloji had to borrow 1,000 Naira for Postinol to prevent her from getting pregnant. She has social media split on what to think of her after breaking up with her boyfriend over the phone na!

At the moment, Bolaji is trending on Twitter at top 3 o.

Here na be the WhatsApp conversation between them two