Kenyan taxi driver pulls out his erect dick and strokes it while driving around 2 female passengers 

A Kenyan taxi driver got so horny while driving around two female passengers who hailed his cab in the early morning.

One of the female passengers sat on the co-driver’s seat while the other one took the back seat.

While driving, the man noticed the juicy thighs of the female passenger sitting next to him and that’s where trouble started.

The driver was overwhelmed with sexual desire and soon his dick was rock hard. The lady next to him noticed and took out the camera to record.

The man soon pulled out his cock from his pants and it was standing firm like a flag post.

The female passenger in the front seat soon started asking him why he was so horny and notified her friend in the back seat of what was happening.

The driver continued stroking his dick and the lady opted to put a stop to his self-pleasure antics before it got out of hand.

She demanded that the driver pull over and drop them by the roadside immediately. Watch the clip below:


Get the above clip right here: Kenyan taxi driver (171 downloads )

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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