Teresa Lavae doesn’t mess with her money!

Teresa Lavae doesn’t mess with her money at all and she doesn’t play at all.

Her fans have been keen on wanting to know how much she usually makes on her OF(Only Fans) account and the subtle way of letting her fans down easy is simple: stay away from her pockets.
 “Stop trying to figure out what’s in my pockets? Smh you probably wouldn’t fuck with me if I wasn’t grinding. Smh.” she said.
 Apparently, Teresa Lavae doesn’t play and her coming from Browad County should let everybody know all about that.
 Don’t mess with her y’all with the bad energy, she’s always on the positive energy and if you are persistent with the BS, she just vowed to block you.
 Here’s the rest of the thread:
“Think it’s a game. People really are out here trying to get it. So wtf I look like bragging about how much I make on my social media! Foh bitch Reversed hand with middle finger extended
 I’m from BROWAD COUNTY where niggas don’t give a FUCK! Rob you and leave your ass naked. Or you better have protection with you.
Lmaoo a bitch better not EVERRR run up on me. Just sayin.. Woman shrugging it’ll only be fair Relieved  Lmao I never laughed so much in my life.

Some lady from Orlando wanted to do business with me. And she text out of no where and was like so sis is it true you really make 50k a month from just OF. I looked at my phone and left her on read #1 way to get blocked”

Well, if you ain’t subscribed to her Only Fans account, then you’re really missing out big time. Just check her out:

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