The 69 way is the way

You got to try the 69 sex position if you haven’t already, it’s bliss, total bliss!

Granted, not everybody deserves a 69 but getting some is always appreciative plus it brings a connection like no other, it brings such a bond that cannot be explained whatsoever.

When you get (and that’s a big, a very big “When”) a partner that understands you and knows their shit and cannot wait to try new things with you sexually and otherwise, then you ought to ask them/her/his to try the 69. It’s awesome.

And for those wondering how it’s supposed to be done, look no further, watch the clip below and LEARN.

PS: The lady however needs to stretch her legs wide apart on the clip so that she can sit on her man’s face, that face needs some juicy love as well.

You’re welcome!

Author: Afrofuck