These positions are not for the faint dick

These positions are not for the faint dick

Ugandan girl Nantongo got the bomb sex from an average dick just because of positions used during the steamy fuck.

In the first position, Nantongo leaned over the couch by her belly and the dick came from behind.

Each thrust made Nantongo give out smooth-pitched moans.

The man who was fucking her keep on spanking her pawpaw-sized booty as he pumped his cook in her pussy.

In the second position, Nantogo faced up to look at her fucker who was thrusting his cock in her cunt as Afrobeats songs playing in the background.

The Ugandan chick surrendered to the pleasure as she laid on the couch mouth open and eyes shutting and opening rhythmically like dancing lights.

In the third and final position, Nantogo took in the dick doggy style.

She kept kept ramming her booty against the man’s crotch as her pussy took in the dick and let it out in a repeated cycle of pleasure.

The sweetness overwhelmed Nantogo and she had to fart to let out the air that had been pumped into her cunt.

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