Thick Ass Daphne is ecstatic her leg works fine again

Thick Ass Daphne is one happy woman, she’s happy because she finally got to stand on one leg which she had operated on.

She tore her patella ligament on April 29, 2021, but she had surgery to fix that on September 29, 2020.

She disclosed that she suffered not only physically but also mentally and spiritually because of what she went through right after she tore her patella ligament.

A happy woman now, Thick Ass Daphne took to social media to celebrate being able to walk normally and her leg being able to carry her body weight, finally. She’s ecstatic.

Anterior view of knee joint showing patellar ligament; SOURCE: Modeled from zygote model, abnormal_knee.mb; 3D_orthosurg_arthros-knee-ACL_abnormal_anatomy

She shared a clip of herself celebrating while being butt-ass naked but she couldn’t care less, she was happy and so are we, for her sake.

“DaphneThickAss – Can I vent to y’all for second… I tore my patella ligament on April 29th 2021 didn’t have surgery until September 29th 2021 been broken mentally spiritually and obviously physically but I didn’t give up and it’s days I still want to quit but don’t.. believe in your❤️,” she captioned the clip.


Watch the clip of her celebrating getting better below;


Get the above clip here: Thick Ass Daphne is ecstatic her leg works fine again (497 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck