Uglygalz Mareme speaks on having a boyfriend who isn’t a pornstar

Popular porn star Uglygalz Mareme has opened up like never before about her personal life and about having a supportive family, especially her dad who supports her hustle of being a porn star.

The Nigerian adult entertainer, who attended the Nigerian Institute Of Journalism (NIJ) disclosed that her life partner is very supportive and understanding of her hustle.

As of 2014, Uglygalz whose real name is Mareme Edet confessed to sleeping with over 100 men has an account on XVideo that is verified making her a handful of porn stars in Nigeria who are verified and earning money from the platforms.

“People say there is no money in Nigeria. It’s not true. There is money in Nigeria. Nigeria has the highest view of porn in the whole world. I will make money from Nigerians viewing it, and I will use it to help Nigerians in Nigeria [sic]” Uglygalz said in her recent interview with Legit a few years ago.

“I have a boyfriend. But he is not a pornstar. He is very supportive. He is always checking up.” he added.

Author: Afrofuck