Viral video of ex-Gabonese Minister got the internet talking

A few years ago, back in 2019, one Twitter user whose username account was @Mdudemeister(his account has since been suspended by Twitter) caused social media ablaze.

The user shared a video of the former Gabon Economy Minister, Paulin Medzang sucking the dick of his gay lover who is reported to have leaked the viral video.

The video went viral making a lot of people question the motives of Paulin Medzang’s gay lover by leaking the video.

People are still to this day shocked by what they say that fateful day that they’ll probably never forget not even for one day.

In case you missed it, here’s the video of the then Gabon Economy Minister Paulin Medzang sucking erect thick like he knows what he’s doing and is proud.

It’s a free world and everybody is entitled to their sexuality but what his lover did was uncalled for.

Author: Afrofuck