Wandi Elephant and Xolisile Mfeka, eat each other out

Wandi Elaphant together with Xolisile Mfeka made a video of themselves eating each other out and shaking their big asses while simulating fucking each other as if they had a dick.

The two ladies with huge asses to shake the entire African continent shows us what they’re up to, what they like to do to each other when they’re at closed doors.

They might not have a dick in their midst but they sure know how to make a dick hard wherever it may be.

Just watch the video of Wandi and Mfeka playing with one another; what was missing right here was a long thick dick, a madingo dick to tag in the pussy match.

How beautiful would it be to see Wandi and Mfeka sharing a dick, getting fucked at the same damn time, it would be magical.

Author: Afrofuck