Watch the viral Annex Eldoret Trending video

Because of the viral Annex Eldoret Trending video, Kenyans are talking about the power that Kalenjin me have when it comes to dominating the pussy.

The viral Annex Eldoret Trending video has proven that both the Kalenjin women and Kalenjin men are beasts when it comes to sex.

The viral video is of two young men and a young beautiful woman fucking together in a threesome.

I don’t know how much rizz these men have but for the to convince this woman to fuck them together is a great flex.

Apparently Kalenjin men have big mandingo dicks as well.

These clip will forever be iconic. All hail Kalenjins


Get the video above by downloading it here: Annex Eldoret Trending video (412 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck
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