Woman curses her man’s dick after she got dumped

A angry woman is super angry for her boyfriend dumping her and moving on swiftly as if she was never in his life to begin with.

The angered Ghanaian woman is angry toward his ex-boyfriend who is called Amankrado to an extent that she says that he will never ever enjoy sex again because he used to fuck him thoroughly.

She has cursed Amankrado declaring that his dick will never function ever again and when he will try in the future to fuck a woman, his dick will be infected with many different diseases that cannot and will not be cured, he said this right after he removed her underwear.

She has vowed to make sure that Amankrado’s sex life is fucked up and she seems serious, she wasn’t joking, she didn’t come to play recording the video.

Watch the video below;


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Author: Afrofuck