American woman set to break record of fucking different men daily for a year

American woman set to break record of fucking different men daily for a year

A stunning video has been making the rounds on social media, featuring an American woman who is on the cusp of breaking a record – sleeping with one man daily for a year.

In the revealing video, the woman proudly declares that she is about to hit the remarkable milestone of 365 bodies in 365 days. She admits that last year, she fell short, managing only 300 men, but is now gunning for an even more impressive feat.

“I am about to get reeled by two guys, which is something I do quite often, if I’m honest with myself,” she says, matter-of-factly. “And while I’m waiting for them to get here, I was just thinking I’m paced to hit 365 bodies in 365 days.”

“And last year I was excited when I hit 300 in a year. But then this leaves me to think what am I gonna do next year? 500? 600?” She added.

The woman’s comments have left many stunned, with some critics questioning her motives and others marveling at her audacity.

“I am an ambitious woman and I need to make sure that I am always striving for greatness,” she insists. “I need to be chasing bigger and greater numbers and always surpassing my limits.”

As she sets her sights on an unprecedented record, the world waits with bated breath to see if this woman will indeed succeed in her goal of sleeping with more than 365 men in a year.

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