Women Safaree should consider to release a sextape with

After everybody saw and got impressed with what Safaree is working with, I know many people are already thinking about his sextape if it were to happen, who is it going to be with.

Well, knowing how Safaree loves his women thick with a big ole ass it is only fair to suggest these two curvaceous and thick women for the sex tape.

Moriah Mills
Moriah Mills the internet sensation and also a Instagram model cum pornstar could be a huge turn on for the sextape with Safaree and I am sure it would sell out in minutes as many fellas would be happy to see Safaree taking that pussy to it’s limit with his Hulk of a dick.

Just check out how Moriah Mills would be a perfect fit for the American rapper of Jamaican descent.






Bria Myles
Just don’t get me started on this. Former Drake’s girlfriend would be fitting to be be the right person to work with Safaree.
If you follow her on the gram, you should know why a sextape of hers would break the internet as we know it and if it happens to be with Safaree! I know there won’t be no internet after that for sure.

The perfect melanin beauty for the sextape with Safaree that even me I would be happy to watch is that of Safaree and Bria Myles and I would watch it on repeat.





Cherokee D’ass
Cherokee D’ass has been in the game for a minute now but she hasn’t had some action with the now mch respected Safaree Samuels and she can take what Safaree could throw at her plus who wouldn’t want to see that booty bounce back when Safaree is hitting it from the back and seeing Cherokee D’ass call his name out better than Nicki?

Y’all know she got that Lion ass

See what Cherokee D’ass is working with




Jada Kingdom
Whoa! what a headliner this would be. Jada Kingdom coming from his native country Jamaica where she is poppnig today would skyrocket the ratings in Jamaica as much as it would in America. Jada Kingdom being the internet sensation with curvy features with a fat ass would be a perfect match for Safaree and am sure once he taps that, Safaree is gonna have her for keeps and maybe relocate her to America.

Many folks wants to tap that ass for a while now and whenever Safaree gets a chance to, I know the internet is bound to know about it, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Just see what she working with fam.

















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