Xolisile Mfeka shares BTS of her newly released epic movie

C’mon now, let’s be honest, is there any other person in Africa today who is churning out great content the way our very own Xolisile Mfeka is doing?

Xolisile Mfeka isn’t just releasing epic films, she’s setting precedence, setting the bar way too high for other upcoming and already established pornstars to emulate from.

She recently released a beautiful piece of art to celebrate Easter where she got her body painted to look like a cute little pink bunny that got fucked the long dick style way.

Letting us, the fans in on her behind-the-scenes clip, she disclosed just how professional she is in her job and how many people she employs for just shooting a scene. Baby girl be employing folks out there giving the youth that guala!

After watching the BTS clip of Xolisile Mfeka, you can’t help but feel like you need to support her so that she can continue doing the good work and employing folks. In case you missed the BTS clip, watch it below

Author: Afrofuck