Mfeka Xolisile
Mfeka Xolisile

Xolisile Mfeka’s photo got South African men in trouble with their partners

A viral tweep by a user on Twitter challenged the bold and courageous men out there to play a game that only the bold could play.

The user who goes by the username Rumani shared a sexy, super sexy photo of Xolisile Mfeka wearing a black g-string sitting by the swimming pool wearing a bucket hat and looking directly into the camera lens.

The user urged the bold men to try and play a game with their partners to see their reactions.

Mfeka Xolisile
This is the photo that has caused different reactions from different women of all the men that indulged in the game by playing with their girlfriend’s emotion for fun

The viral tweet read; “Gents let’s play a game, send this to your partner on WhatsApp and say “babe what’s the name of this hat she’s wearing I wanna buy it for you” repost her reply here. DOn’t be scared let’s gooo!

The reactions were crazy, you can’t help but laugh your lungs out as you’re reading through all the reactions the partners of the lot who played the game reacted. It’s epic!

Here’s are the reactions we could find.