Phased out musician Marya is now selling nudes to survive in Nairobi

Marya used to be one of the top musicians in Kenya and also a sought-after musician as well.

She used to have one of the most sing-along tracks together with Avril titled ‘Chokoza’ that was a hit song for years, honestly, to some revelers and music connoisseurs, the song is still a hit song to them to this day.

Marya, later on, got married, settled down and disappeared from the music scene. She thereafter broke up with her husband over infidelity issues that couldn’t be resolved easily and thus they had to go separate ways.

She again disappeared from the public eye never to be seen or heard again in the public eye.

Marya has been selling her nude photos and pictures just to survive in Nairobi. She usually sells them at an affordable price. Once you get her number, you can easily send her some cash and she will surely send you her nudeys that are selling out like hotcakes.

Here is one of the many nudes that she sells online.

Author: Afrofuck