Zaawaadi looks alluring in new body paint by Fernello

Zaawaadi is making herself proud in the adult business around the world but most importantly, she’s making her home country proud.

Zaawaadi is a Kenyan currently based in Germany and totally embraces herself being the face of African porn on the international stage when in come to the adult business.

She has worked with a lot of established directors, photographers, and videographers in her career as a porn star but she’s never worked with Fernello Visions before and working with him has made a tremendous impact on her portfolio.

Zaawaadi has worked with Fernello Visions who is known for making arts out of the human body, his canvas is the human skin.

The artist can make beautiful art thanks to his body paintings, I mean don’t take my word for it, look him up at his website at

Fernello Visions working on a human canvas. Body paint by Fernello Visions, credit:
Fernello Visions working on a human canvas. Body paint by Fernello Visions, credit:

Zaawaadi got her entire body worked on by Fernello who did a great job by the way and shared a snippet of herself in body paint on social media making netizens impressed by her body and the work of Fernello.

Below, you can watch the short clip of Zaawaadi modeling Fernello’s work.

Get the above clip here: Zaawaadi body paint by Fernello is amazing (152 downloads )

Zaawaadi at work

Just because we are here giving props to Zaawaadi and all, you can be sure to note that she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to her scenes, she usually gives her all every single time she gets to shoot her scene.

Below is a scene of Zaawaadi getting fucked by the one and only Maximo Garcia with the scene taken right out of the powerful’s ‘Hotel Vixen Episode 4: Only The Best For Zaawaadi’ as directed by Julia Grandi.

You have to subscribe to VIXEN because you’re missing out if you aren’t subscribed!

Get the above clip right here: Zaawaadi at impressing everybody (124 downloads )

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