Drama as topless bodybuilder snatches woman right from her boyfriend’s hands during parade in SA

Drama ensued during a procession in South Africa as a man lost his girlfriend to a daring bodybuilder who made a move on her.

The whole drama started as the man and his girlfriend were walking together before the topless bodybuilder spotted the lady and made a move.

The masculine man approached the woman from behind and grabbed her by the waist. To the surprise of the woman’s boyfriend, she didn’t resist the intrusion but knelt at an angle and rubbed her booty against his nether regions as they shamelessly danced together.

The woman’s boyfriend first watched in utter shock as he tried to think of the right response to the situation at hand.

He ultimately decided to ward off the bodybuilder by pouring water on him from a bottle he was holding.

However, his girlfriend fought of attempts to separate her from the bodybuilder. She ultimately got a chance to get back to her newfound love and they want back to their erotic dance.

The woman twerked for the bodybuilder as he rubbed his nether regions against her booty. The jilted boyfriend watched in horror before he walked away leaving the two doing their thing.

Watch the clip below:

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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