Kenyan woman arrested after sending her daughter’s nudes to Arab foreigner who was to fuck both of them

34-year-old Faith Ashikoye and her 10-year-old daughter were to be fucked by an Arab foreigner Zohair Al Mukaram who was set to fly to Mombasa, Kenya this October.

The Kenyan woman was being paid by the foreigner to send him her nudes and those of her daughter’s ahead of his planned booty call to the country.

Faith was to be compensated handsomely for the mother, daughter threesome with the paedophile-cum-sex maniac.

The Kenyan woman was arrested after her daughter told a neighbour what her mother was doing to her, filming her naked and sending the nudes to the foreigner.

Police responded and arrested Faith just days before the foreigner was to jet to Kenya for the threesome.

Faith was presented to court where she pleaded guilty to child abuse and online child pornography.

The court heard that the accused committed both offences on diverse dates between the August 2023 and 15th October 2023, at unknown place within Changamwe Sub County in Mombasa County.

The prosecution also told the court that Zohair Al Mukaram was to have sex with both Faith and her 10-year-old daughter.

The court ordered that the accused be held in custody and her 10-year-old daughter and her two siblings placed under supervised care and protection.

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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