Cherokee D’ass hosts fellow pornstar Daphne Thick Ass in a tell-it-all interview on her podcast

Yohanna Renee Kerr alias Cherokee D’ass hosted a fellow pornstar Sarah Jeffery aka Daphne Thick Ass on her YouTube podcast.

The two accomplished pornstars talked about everything about their careers as sex workers as well as their personal lives.

Daphne also revealed that she started out as a stripper before she decided to be a full-swing pornstar.

Cherokee asked Daphne Thick Ass if she is straight or lesbian and she revealed that she is bisexual but she currently she is dating a girl.

ThickAssDaphne with the legendary Cherokee D'ass
ThickAssDaphne with the legendary Cherokee D’ass

She said her girlfriend has no problem with her fucking whatever person – male or female.

Daphne also said revealed that her favorite sex position is being fucked from behind and that she also prefers an average dick size – not too small and not too big.

Charokee was surprised by her host when she told her that she had not yet had orgy sex. Daphne however noted that she was loving forward to have a threesome sex orgy with a man and a woman.

Watch the full interview in the video below:


Author: Afrofuck