Dark Berry demands the release of imprisoned prostitutes after sex work is legalized

Dark Berry demands the release of imprisoned prostitutes after sex work is legalized

Dark Berry is delighted that sex work has been legalized in her city in South Africa and now she is demanding that all imprisoned hookers should be released from prison.

The online-based sex worker laments that wants the government to help rehabilitate and imprison prostitutes and provide them with an alternative source of income.

“After legalizing sex work, we need to begin the conversation of women who are imprisoned by the work & have no way out cause they need the income.

“Set up rehabilitation programs that will heal them from the decisions made out of desperation and also help them to be employable,” Dark Berry tweeted.

She added: “Having said that. Do not assume that all sex workers are damaged and they have no way out 😊 However some are and they need help.”

Sex workers are adults who receive money or goods in exchange for consensual sexual services or erotic performances, either regularly or occasionally.

Sex work is illegal in most parts of South Africa. Sex work is criminalized in the Criminal Code, and municipal by-laws also contain provisions that prohibit sex work such as importuning any person for the purpose of prostitution and soliciting.

Sex workers have very little legal protection.

The discriminating laws and subsequent marginalization of sex workers make them more vulnerable to assault by the police, clients, third parties, and brothel owners.

Sex workers are often targeted by the police and are more vulnerable to violence because they have to work in dangerous and isolated locations to evade attention.

The current South African approach to sex work is that of criminalization and prohibition, but things are slowly changing to allow prostitutes to ply their trade under the protection of the law.