This church girl turned out to be a naughty bedroom bully 

This church girl turned out to be a naughty bedroom bully 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, that church girl that you think is holier than thou might just be the one who fucks your brain out.

A church girl who went door to door preaching the gospel turned out to possess fuck skills that would rival even your best porn star.

In a typical sense of eyes can be quite deceiving, a viral skit demonstrated how a modest church girl quickly transitioned into a sexy stripper.

The skit starts with the church girl knocking on someone’s door to preach to him but the guy is such a fuck boy that the moment the woman steps an inch closer into his house she quickly turns into a stripper clad only in a sexy lingerie.

However, when the church girl moves a step backwards from the door, she quickly transitions to a gospel minister clad in decent a long dress.

The part where the church girl transitions into a stripper is what has got people talking because she gets down and dirty shaking her booty in all tempting ways the bible warns you about.

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