Cindy Makhathini ceiling challenge

Cindy Makhathini ceiling challenge

Cindy Makhathini took over the Internet in the very first month of this year, 2924. She did break the internet with her nudes that people has been talking about.

If you haven’t seen those videos, then you must not be a fan of #AfroFucking. Try being a fan for a day. Also search Cindy Makhathini on to watch all the viral clips.

That being said, she became an Internet sensation, not that she wasn’t already, but she because the talk of town after her dance of the Ceiling challenge went viral. Hands down, she won that and if there was some award being given for the best Ceiling challenge, she would have easily taken that crown.

I’m case you missed it, here’s the clip that will forever be iconic and timeless.


Get the above clip right here: Cindy Makhathini ceiling challenge viral video (167 downloads )

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