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Cindy Makhathini ceiling challenge

Cindy Makhathini took over the Internet in the very first month of this year, 2924. She did…

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She twerks with and without panties

A beautiful woman with a thickass juicy, and jiggly ass has captured social media attention after she…

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If she twerks like this, you better wife her down

If you get a girl who can confidently twerk like this, wife that woman. When she can…

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Woman twerks in frog style

A woman has the attention of all the people, mines inclusive. She sits on the frog fucking…

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Twerking thickness on display

You can’t just stop staring at this huge nyash that’s bouncing up and down after getting oiled…

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Somebody give this lady a twerking award or something.

She twerked for over 3 minutes straight without stopping, plus she did it being naked with a…