Fella Run It All on speaks being an aggressive lover

Fella Run It All says that he doesn’t hold back when he’s fucking a woman in no way.

The pornstar who is also a talented rapper has fucked enough women today to have his opinion count in these streets. He’s made more women squirt than you could ever imagined, most of which have never experienced squirting.

Taking to social media as he teases a mere short seconds clip, Fella Run It All says that he doesn’t feel sorry for the pussy when it’s time to fuck, he owns it and makes sure the woman knows who is the boss when it comes down to it.

“Imma aggressive lover. I don’t hold back, I open you up and dig deep, I won’t let you give up til we both drained, and I care about yo nut more than mines so I’m goin to make sure you get yours,” he shared in part on social media.

“Some people feel the word aggressive is rough or too much but to me it’s showing strong emotions in a form or interest. My aggression don’t mean no harm I’m just really into this,” he added.

Here’s the short clip that he shared to show how he demolishes the pussy and women loves him about this.


Get the above clip here: Fella Run It All on being an aggressive lover (154 downloads )

Author: Afrofuck
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