Fella Run It All says he’s all about pleasing and satisfying women in bed

If you don’t know who Fella Run It All is and you’re reading this, then you must be new or a novice in this porn industry or you’re just starting to enjoy life.

Fella Run It All has been in the porn industry for quite some time now, he’s also into music, he’s a rapper, a good one at that but that’s not why you’re reading this article, isn’t it.

Fella Run It All is one man that has fucked a lot of women and women loves to get fucked by him, everything he does to a woman will almost always make women fall in love with him. He has a way with women, he understands their anatomy and women know this to be true.

Fella Run It All who is also known as Turn Up Monster took to social media to express his disappointment by addressing something that was brought to his attention that purports that his videos are usually fake, he addressed that issue and made sure it won’t ever be brought up again.

“Every video I ever made was fake. Meaning the care I take and the responses the women give my touch are 100% real. Pleasing is a priority to me in bed.”

“If she don’t cum I don’t quit til I get it right. I’m all about you when I’m inside you,” Fella Run It All wrote on social media sharing a piece of art which he shared online.

If you’re a fan of Fella Run It All, you’d understand that he’s not a faker, he’s as real as real gets.

Author: Afrofuck