Ghanaian soldiers dry hump horny woman, make her pussy wet

Ghanaian soldiers dry hump horny woman, make her pussy wet

A Ghanaian woman had a tough time when she joined members of the country’s military in a dance that ended up with her being horny and almost sexually assaulted.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the woman is seen twerking for one soldier while being surrounded by other servicemen.

The woman, who was clad in a tight legging and bra only, engaged in a sexually provocative dance with the soldier before his colleague joined and lifted her up in the air.

Soon, the soldiers were undressing her while also caressing every inch of her body.

However, the woman didn’t seem to fight off the aggressive licentiousness but rather embraced it with smiles.

Another soldier carried the woman and she wrapped her legs across his wait before two simulated sex.

The soldier dry-humped the woman for a moment, going on remove her legging as he wanted the real deal.

However, another serviceman quickly interrupted what would have been broad daylight sex.

Watch the drama below:

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