Lexi Luv toys around with Troy Francisco

Lexi Luv toys around with Troy Francisco

Lexi Luv is making a name for herself in the porn industry and it’s only a matter of time before she gets recognised by AVN and the whole nine yards.

Lexi Luv is such a gorgeous soul with that African, sweet ass, yup! She’s African and proud of it too. For those asking, she’s from Rwanda.

Watching her being herself and happy around fellow porn star and an attraction, Troy Francisco is something you can’t avoid to miss out on.

They are seen being happy together, singing along to a song together as they share a joint together, probably before they fucked and recorded that gem for their fans to see.

The clip is short but it might be able to at least shine a light into a side that most people don’t get to see from their favorite porn stars.

Download the clip below and watch it

Download!!! Lexi Luv enjoying Troy Francisco's company (93 downloads )

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