How To Make A Woman Squirt

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Here are some of the best tips you’ll ever get that will help you help her squirt. It’s true that each and every other woman on the planet has the ability to squirt, it’s not rocket science, it’s the honest truth.

Try to follow these few steps to the letter and make your woman a happy woman by making her squirt.

You’re welcome!

1. Ask her to go to the toilet to empty her bladder.

2. Give her extensive foreplay, and make sure that you are both very turned on.

It’s also necessary to feel intimate, loving and connected with each other.

3. Be loving towards her.

G spot stimulation, which is what I’m going to call prostatic tissue stimulation, works much better when the woman is feeling an emotional connection to her lover, so that she’s emotionally as well as physically aroused.

Indeed, for some reason, the G spot seems to be the central focus of emotional attachment during intercourse. Stimulating the G spot can produce a whole load of emotional experiences for a woman — and it becomes swollen with fluid much more easily when she’s engaged in sex that has a strong emotional component.

4. Find her G spot by putting a finger inside her vagina.

You’ll find it with the pad of your fingertip uppermost, about 2 inches inside on the upper surface of the vagina.

When she is aroused, you should be able to feel smooth that swollen area which represents the G spot. If you feel ridges, she’s not aroused enough, and you need to go back to gentle external clitoral stimulation until she is sufficiently aroused.

You might also need to say a few sweet nothings like “I love you” to make sure she’s in the right frame of mind. Having plenty of time and no distractions helps too!

5. Stimulate her G spot with a well-lubricated finger — lots of lube is essential.

She may complain that you she wants to urinate when you press on the G spot, but the sensation will pass with continued stimulation. Obviously, she’s got an empty bladder, so she’s not likely to need to urinate.

6. Continue to use your fingers or use a smooth toy to stimulate her G spot .

This is about stimulating the G spot until she feels like she’s ready to ejaculate. You can use your penis if you have great staying power, but the problem is that if you hit her G spot in the right place and with the right rhythm, she’s likely to get so aroused so quickly that it makes you come, after which you have very little chance of discovering how to make a woman squirt, i.e., achieving female ejaculation.

And with a finger you’re going to have greater control and you’re going to be able to contain your own excitement.

The sensation a woman may feel that she needs to urinate will pass, and it will be replaced by an intense sensation of excitement. At this point she may be ready to ejaculate, but this is going to require her to keep herself emotionally open and relaxed, and to consciously allow the fluid to flow out of her. If she’s going to reach orgasm, it may help if she pushes downwards and outwards with the pelvic floor muscles.

7. Ensure there is good communication between you and reassure her that whatever happens it is natural and fun.

You may have already noticed when your woman achieves orgasm that she ejaculates a little bit of clear fluid anyway.

Female ejaculation, squirting, or gushing is actually the forceful ejection of lots of this fluid from the urethral canal by means of strong muscular contractions, which occur after a long build-up. This allows more fluid to accumulate.

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