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Some people were just born to own the pussy, dominate it, and make the owner of the pussy happy with their sweet dick.

Mathew is such a type of guy, he’s happy his dick can make lots of women happy but this time around, it was Cleo’s time to enjoy some of his dicktime with her.

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The short clip that has gone viral shows Mathew fucking Cleo for just 9 seconds making her squirt as she screams in eternal sweetness. Cleo has found her perfect man, she won’t give out the pussy to anyone else apart from pussy demolisher Mathew after this fucking session.

Mathew has every right in the world to boast, it’s not every man who has the ability to make women squirt; making women is squirt is something hard that you cannot even Google to find out how you can do that. So kudos to Mathew.

Author: Afrofuck