Kenyan mother and her daughter stream their sex video online to earn money 

Kenyan mother and her daughter stream their sex video online to earn money 

A Kenyan woman and her daughter are streaming videos of themselves engaging in all manner of sex and debauchery to a select audience.

The shameless mother and daughter have resorted to earning a living from TikTok and OnlyFans.

The duo has been recorded in multiple videos naked like animals as they engage in all types of sex with themselves as instructed by their audience who pay to watch.

In one of the video, the fat woman is seen fucking a dildo as her daughter engages the online audience.

At one point, the daughter helps hold the dildo steady as her mother rides it on the sofa.

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In another video, mother and daughter are seen seated on the couch naked as they read comments form their fans. The woman also applies oil all over her body on instructions from their randy audience.

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Another clip shows the voluptuous mother applying oil in her pussy as she fucks herself with a dildo seated on the sofa while her daughter is seated next to her following the comments online.

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In another video, the fat mother is seen moaning loud while using a giant vibrator to fuck herself. She spreads her mammoth thighs wide open as the vibrators shakes her pleasure berries like magnitude 8.4 earthquake.

Meanwhile the daughter is seated smiling as she watched her mother play with the vagina that birthed her.

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