Ladies go crazy as male stripper with stunning acrobatic moves makes them seriously wet

The male stripper got on stage as he made several backflips while wrapped in a white towel. He immediately stopped between a woman’s legs. She was eagerly waiting for him with both of her legs up in the air.

The stripper landed his month on the lady’s nether region and simulated giving her a clitjob though she had her jeans still on.

He then threw away the towel that he was covering himself with exposing his 11-inch mandingo which was not even erect yet.

The stripper then got on top of a chair to show off his giant cock as horny ladies made it rain cash. They stuck several dollar bills on his body as he whined his waist making his dick flip clock and anticlockwise.

The highlight of the stripper’s performance came when he simulated sex with a lady dressed in a red dress.

He lifted her up, carried her a few centimeters forward and laid her on the floor gently, spread her legs wide open rubbed his leviathan dick against her pussy though she had her panties on.

He then flipped her over making the lady lie on her chest as he got on top of her from the back.

The stripper then whipped the horny lady with his cock before he walked her out of the stage.

Watch the steamy performance in the video below:

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Author: Afrofuck