Pornstar Miss B Nasty asks her dad how he feels about her new mansion bought with money she got from being fucked

The stigma associated with prostitution and pornography does not affect pornstar Miss B Nasty because she has accepted who she is.
Miss B Nasty is very proud of what she does for a living and so is her family. She earns a lot of money from her profession and this was particularly evident when she bought a new mansion.
The pornstar took to social media to show off her new crib. She shared a video of herself while in the company of her father who couldn’t be happier for her.
She asked her dad how he felt about the house she bought with the money she got from being fucked in videos recorded for horny viewers.
“How do you feel about this nice house that I got with what I do for work?” Miss B Nasty asked her father.
To which he responded;
“I love the house. I love you and I love what you do for work you good.”
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Author: Afrofuck