Mai Denzel sextape goes viral

Mai Denzel sextape goes viral

Harare lady identified as Tariro or Mai Denzel has set Zimbabwe’s social media alight.

In what is believed to be an act of revenge, Mai Denzel cheated on her husband with, an army man, Daniel Parangeta of Chimhanda Village in Rushinga, Mt Darwin, and another unidentified man.

During happier times, it appears that Parangeta and Mai Denzel used to capture some of the best moments in their birthday suits.

They even recorded a sex tape, which later went viral, thanks to the jilted Parageta who is said to have sent the video and nude pictures to Mai Denzel’s husband in a fit of pique.

She apparently dumped him for Parangeta’s friend.

“I was dating someone my brother, so I later dumped him and started dating another one. I didn’t know they knew each other. So, he discovered that affair and told my husband. He also showed him some nude pictures of me that I had sent him,” Mai Denzel says in one of the audios that have become hot.

She also confessed to her aunt.

Baba Denzel had enough of her cheating ways and asked her brother to take her away. He had no bus fare, so it was resolved that she moves in with her mother in Harare’s Budiriro suburb.

“I was surprised when her boyfriend Daniel told me about his relationship with Mai Denzel. As if that was not enough, he then sent my wife’s nude pictures as proof that ‘we were, indeed, in love’. I then confronted my wife about the issue and asked her about Daniel and she ran away, only to seek refuge at the landlord’s house,” Baba Denzel narrated to Mai Denzel’s aunt.

Watch the video right below;

Get the above clip here: Mai Denzel sextape goes viral (534 downloads )

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