Uncanny threesome! Lucky man fucks plus size and petite chicks at the same time

Men usually prefer Big Beautiful Women (BBWs) or slender women, but apparently there are some dudes who will eat any pussy served on their plates.

This is the case of a video we have just seen where a lucky dude was shifting his cock from a big ass woman to a flat ass woman he was jointly fucking in a rare type of threesome.

The dude smashed the two ladies doggy style, they both knelt on bed and he would fuck one chick while caressing the other’s butt.

The video starts by him pumping hard ones in the fat ass woman as he caressed the flat ass booty.

The BBW appeared to enjoy the fuck more as her booty bounced freely like a basketball as the dude pumped his cock in her pussy. She moaned in a sweat mellow as if asking for more thrusts.

It was obvious that the dude didn’t enjoy fucking the flat ass woman as much, she didn’t even let out a single moan as he fired his dick in her.

Watch the clip below:

Get the above clip right here: Lucky man fucks plus size and petite chicks at the same time (82 downloads)

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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