67-year-old nudist kicked out of bar for parading his wrinkled testicles to revelers

67-year-old nudist kicked out of bar for parading his wrinkled testicles to revelers

Nudist Richard Collins caused mayhem at Wetherspoons pub as many revelers were disturbed by the sight of his aged private parts.

The British nudist took to the local pub partly covered as he was not not allowed to get in naked like an animal as he would have preferred.

The 67-year-old wore a short skirt with no undies and no top.

All hell broke loose when Collins bent over to pick up a poppadom and gave a mum and her teen daughter an eyeful of her bum and wrinkled balls and dick.

Mom and daughter quickly complained to the pub’s management causing the nudist to be thrown out.

The nudist however maintained that it was not his fault, arguing that mom and daughter looked up his skirt on their own instead of looking away.

“If you or your child is going to look up someone’s skirt, don’t complain if you don’t like what you see. Avert your eyes. Don’t go complaining, discriminating and committing a hate crime. I don’t wear pants ever. Not for you, not for anyone. We all have a bottom and they all look the same. Get over it,” Collins said.

Richard Collins has been a nudist for 40 years and regularly cycles and walks around totally naked.

He sometimes puts on a short suede skirt and a hoodie to go for lunch in the seaside town’s John Logie Baird pub.

After protesting his innocence following his bum-flash, Collins was allowed to sit elsewhere to eat.

“We ask all customers to dress appropriately and, more specifically, in a way which would not cause offense to employees or other customers,” the pub said.

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