Mans shot a long load on her face

Mans shot a long load on her face

Mans really got some long loads in his system alright.

This mans right here was either horny as fuck or he hasn’t fucked in such a long time and his girl, the beautiful Petite Nacy was either to help him offload his loads.

The mans shot some long cumshot that almost pricked her girl’s face from the force it came out on. If he would’ve cummed inside of her, she would’ve gotten twins, or triplets[LOL]

If you fuck your girl like this, there’s no way she’d cheat on you easy, okay, maybe she can if you’re broke and all but still, she’ll keep you as her side man.

This is the best way of fucking your girls, take a leaf out of this mans book and try fucking a Petite Nancy, you’ll thank me later.

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