Mhiz Gold doesn’t have a sex tape, that’s Melanie Choco

Another Popular TikTok influencer known as Mhiz Gold was trending for the most part of 2023’s last quarter because of her alleged leaked video across social media.

After doing some thorough research, one Melanie Choco has come forward to claim that she is the one in the video and her X account actually confirms this. Here is her X account: iammelaniechoco

Melanie Choco is seen twerking on the clip right after she was dicked down properly by the two epic sex positions; missionary and doggy style as she moans beautifully after every thrust.

Here are the short clip of Melanie Choco taking dick like a pro and enjoying every bit of it.

Get the above clip right here: Mhiz Gold viral sex tape (106 downloads )

“Please, I’m not the one in the video you guys are seeing” – Tiktoker, Mhiz Gold made a video claiming that she wasn’t the one in the video.

Author: Afrofuck
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