Miss B Nasty squirts on her face only to complain later

Miss B Nasty had something to share with her fans worldwide on Twitter where she commands a huge following from all corners of the world.

Miss B Nasty shared a small clip of herself fucking herself with two dildos as she opened her legs wide apart.

She was so into it until she got a wicked orgasm where she squirted a fountain so big that it got to her face. Well, now it’s been a while since she squirted such a fountain that got to her face.

Normally, she would be okay with the fountain squirt getting on her face and all but today she wasn’t into it because she did makeup and she wasn’t ready to have squirt on her face.

“I was about to tell y’all that it’s been a while since I’ve squirted on my face, but I kinda didn’t wanna squirt on my face coz I did this makeup, now look at me,” she complained sheepishly.

Check out the viral short clip that will have you horny, sad, sorry, wet, and your dick hard all in a matter of seconds.

Get the above clip right here: Miss B Nasty squirts on her face only to complain later (627 downloads )

Author: Mphimandile Ndii
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