Moriah Mills’ viral tweets about Zion Williamson

Moriah Mills’ viral tweets about Zion Williamson

Onlyfans superstar, Moriah Mills is still in disbelief after professional Basketball player Zion Williamson dropped her like a bad habit.

Apparently the two have been dating on the downlow for the longest time without the public knowing all about it.

She also was giving him moral support, she was really there for him and she was convinced that he was going to make her his wife, or at least engage her.

The beautiful pornstar really went off on Twitter tweeting out tweets in a matter of seconds after she found out that Zion Williamson is expecting a baby with another woman which is something she didn’t know about.

She’s been sending tweets out, clearly hurt after Zion chose to impregnate other woman as opposed to her. The tweets are so many and the only way you can read a few if not all of them is through a video. Check them out below;


Download the video right below; Moriah Mills viral tweets about Zion Williamson (548 downloads )

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