Naira Marley wants to fuck a mother with her daughter

Naira Marley(Azeez Adeshina Fashola) has done it again on social media stirring the reactions of a lot of people on the internet.

The Afrobeats musician that commands a huge fanbase in Nigeria making him be like a rockstar recently made a statement on his social media account saying something not so many people were prepared to know about him, but then again, you can never be prepared for the next move Naira Marley is about to make, or could you?

Naira Marley declared via an Instagram story(now deleted) that he would want to fuck a mother and her daughter in a threesome and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it.

He didn’t only say that for the kicks, apparently, he is serious because he has conditions.

Naira Marley wants to fuck the mother who is under the age of 40 years together with her daughter who will be above the age of 18 years old.

“I’m still gonna have sex with mother and daughter 2gether one day sha.

The mum should be younger than 40 and the daughter should be over 18 or over” Naira Marley wrote on social media via his Instagram story before he deleted it after he received backlash from almost everyone on social media.

Naira Marley might have taken a huge bite on this one because this most often usually happens in movies, porn movies than in reality but because he is a superstar like he is, there’s always that miniature possibility of always having what his heart desires.

His sentiments have irked a lot of people online but he’s not relenting.

He took the same issue on Twitter defending his sentiments claiming that he has all the rights in the world to have a threesome with whoever he chooses.

“I have the right to threesome, as long as it’s consensual and legal. I know my rights,” he added as another rejoinder on Instagram sharing a picture of himself in bed with a woman on it behind him.




Author: Afrofuck